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Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh

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Introducing the "Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh" - the ultimate sealing solution for precision filtration and critical applications. This innovative...


Introducing the "Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh" - the ultimate sealing solution for precision filtration and critical applications. This innovative product combines a high-quality Viton gasket with a micron mesh screen, providing a comprehensive sealing and filtering solution that ensures a secure connection while effectively capturing particles and debris in your processes.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Viton Gasket: The Viton Gasket is crafted from top-grade Viton rubber, known for its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, and corrosive fluids. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting seal, even in the most demanding environments.

  2. Micron Mesh Screen Options: The Viton Gasket is paired with a micron mesh screen, available in three different mesh sizes - 30 micron, 70 micron, and 100 micron. Choose the appropriate mesh size based on your specific filtration needs, whether you require fine particle capture or broader filtration capability.

  3. Versatile Size Options: The Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh is available in three sizes - 1.5", 3", and 4", ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications. Each size can be equipped with your choice of micron mesh, providing flexibility for various industries and processes.

  4. High-Temperature Resilience: Viton rubber's exceptional thermal stability allows the gasket to withstand a broad temperature range, from cryogenic environments to high-temperature processes, without compromising its sealing performance.

  5. Chemical and Fluid Resistance: The Viton gasket used in this product exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals and fluids, ensuring optimal performance and safety in chemically sensitive applications.

  6. Precision Filtration: The micron mesh screen effectively captures particles and debris, providing reliable filtration without hindering fluid flow. This is crucial for applications where particle control and product purity are essential.

  7. Easy Installation and Replacement: The Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh is designed for easy installation and replacement, making maintenance or equipment changes hassle-free.

  8. Long-Lasting Performance: The Viton gasket and micron mesh screen are engineered for durability and longevity, ensuring a cost-effective sealing and filtration solution for your critical processes.

Experience the superior performance of the Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh. Whether you're working in pharmaceuticals, food processing, or any other precision application, this product offers unmatched reliability and precision filtration.

Upgrade your systems with the confidence of a leak-free connection and optimize your processes with the Viton Gasket With Micron Mesh. Ensure the safety, efficiency, and purity of your critical applications with this comprehensive and high-performance sealing and filtration solution.

Micro Mesh Available In: 30, 70 and 100

Diameter Available - 1.5", 3", 4"


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