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What is the CCELL M3B Pro Battery?


What is the CCELL M3B Pro Battery?

Elevate Your Vaping Experience with the Cutting-Edge CCELL M3B Pro 

Take your vaping experience to new heights with the cutting-edge CCELL M3B Pro Vape Battery. Designed with the latest advancements in vaping technology, this battery is engineered to elevate your enjoyment and satisfaction. Embrace a vaping journey that is convenient, reliable, and extraordinary.

Experience Hands-Free Vaping with the Draw-Activated Feature of the M3B Pro

Say goodbye to button presses and embrace a hands-free vaping experience with the CCELL M3B Pro. With its draw-activated feature, all it takes is a simple inhale to enjoy your favourite flavours. Discover the ultimate convenience and seamless operation of inhale activation with the M3B Pro.

Long-Lasting Power for All-Day Vaping Pleasure with the 350mAh Battery

No more interruptions during your vaping sessions. The CCELL M3B Pro features a powerful 350mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting power for all-day vaping pleasure. Indulge in extended vaping sessions without the worry of running out of battery. With the M3B Pro, uninterrupted enjoyment is at your fingertips.

Prioritise Safety with the Child-Resistant Lock of the M3B Pro

Safety is paramount, especially in households with children or pets. The CCELL M3B Pro incorporates a child-resistant lock to prevent accidental activations, providing peace of mind while enjoying your vape. Keep your device secure and safeguard against unintended use. Prioritise safety without compromising on convenience.

Effortless Charging with USB-C
Stay Powered Up for Continuous Vaping Pleasure

Experience quick and convenient charging with the USB-C feature of the CCELL M3B Pro. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to continuous vaping pleasure. Keep your device powered up and ready for action with ease. With the M3B Pro, uninterrupted vaping pleasure is just a charge away.

Unleash Versatility with Compatibility for All 510 Thread Cartridges

Explore endless possibilities with the CCELL M3B Pro's compatibility with all 510 thread cartridges. Indulge in a wide range of flavours and options as you effortlessly connect your preferred cartridges to the M3B Pro battery. Unleash versatility and embrace the freedom to choose from an extensive selection of cartridges available in the market. Discover the difference between a reliable and advanced vape battery. Order your CCELL M3B Pro today and elevate your vaping journey.

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