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Extraction Collection Base with Fittings

EB8 X 6
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Introducing the "HLO Extraction Closed Loop Extraction Base" - Unlock Safer Extraction and Maximum Control!

Transform your open column top...


Introducing the "HLO Extraction Closed Loop Extraction Base" - Unlock Safer Extraction and Maximum Control!

Transform your open column top fill butane cannabis extractor into a secure and efficient closed column system with the HLO Extraction Closed Loop Extraction Base. This all-inclusive base comes with all the fittings you need, providing you with peace of mind as you venture into closed-loop extraction, ensuring a safer and more controlled process.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Fittings Package: The HLO Extraction Closed Loop Extraction Base is thoughtfully equipped with all essential fittings for a seamless conversion. The base includes 3 x 1/4" Male BSP ball valves, accompanied by 2 x 7/16 Male JIC and 1 x Socket coupler. This comprehensive setup empowers you to regulate the flow and pressure with precision, ensuring optimal extraction conditions.

  2. Vacuum Gauge for Real-Time Monitoring: Safety is paramount in closed-loop extraction, and the built-in vacuum gauge provides crucial real-time pressure monitoring. With readings from -30inhg to 160 psi, you'll have complete control over your extraction environment, safeguarding both the process and your valuable extracts.

  3. Elevate Safety: Converting to a closed column butane cannabis extractor enhances safety by minimizing potential risks associated with open systems. The closed-loop design reduces exposure to flammable gases, ensuring a safer working environment for you and your team.

  4. Streamlined Installation: With all the necessary fittings included, the HLO Extraction Base streamlines the setup process, allowing for easy integration into your existing system. Experience a smooth transition to closed-loop extraction without hassle.

  5. Precise Control: The combination of ball valves, JIC fittings, and the vacuum gauge empowers you with precise control over your extraction process. Achieve consistency and quality in your extracts with every run.

  6. Expand Your Capabilities: By converting to a closed-loop system, you open up opportunities for higher yields, greater efficiency, and more consistent results. The HLO Extraction Extraction Base expands your extraction capabilities, unlocking the potential for exceptional products.

Upgrade your extraction setup with the HLO Extraction Closed Loop Extraction Base - Your gateway to safer, more controlled, and efficient extraction processes.

From seasoned professionals to aspiring extractors, the HLO Extraction Extraction Base paves the way for a safer and more rewarding extraction journey.

HLO Extraction - Your trusted partner in closed-loop extraction solutions. Choose HLO Extraction and elevate your extraction game today!

Sizes Available are as follows (Height" x Width") Please note the splatter platter isn't included.

8" x 6"

10" x 10"

10" x 16"

10" x 26"

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